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Wire with PVC coating

Wires coated PVC

Basic materials with PVC coated wire is made of galvanized iron wire as stainless steel.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a cover annealed wire, standard, and not annealed, galvanized and uncoated. On what pretreatment passed wire price depends on the wire in PVC.
The cheapest is not an ordinary annealed wire coated with polyvinyl chloride.
The most expensive - soft galvanized wire in PVC, due to the fact that in case of damage to the PVC coating, a zinc layer protects the wire from corrosion.
The properties of the polymer coating
As used polyvinyl chloride polymer coating - alkali resistant plastic material capable of resisting most acids, solvents and mineral oils.
Additionally, PVC special additives are added to improve the hardiness and long-term color retention.
PVC coating withstands liquids, ammonia vapors and gases.
In no event should not be confused PVC coating and conventional "polymer coating". After all, the polymer coating is most often refers to a polymer powder coating. And polyvinyl chloride, and the powder paint - polymers, but PVC - a plastic layer and its much thicker and denser than the layer of powder paint.
PVC wire, without mechanical damage can last more than half a century. Polyvinyl Chloride combines with high quality and affordability, explaining its popularity.

Popular use of PVC coated wire

widely used in everyday life for fences,
animal rearing;
tennis courts;
for the manufacture of hangers and handles.

PVC coated wire harakterezuetsya excellent corrosion resistance, anti-aging property and longer service life compared to conventional galvanized wire. Compared with zinc-coated PVC suitable for use in aggressive environments (sea area, livestock farms) where the rate of destruction of the zinc is much higher than under normal conditions.

PVC coated wire is relatively low in cost while it has good insulating properties and is resistant bursting.

Wire with PVC coating is supplied in coils weighing 1-2 kg to 300 kg in the bays.
Depending on the diameter of the core have different diameters of wire coated with PVC, for example 1.5 / 2.5 mm, 1.7 / 2.8 mm, 1.9 / 3.0 mm, 2.3 / 4.0 mm the first number is the diameter of the core and the second knitting wire diameter.

Different colors available for customers choice is another benefit of PVC coated wire.

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