Choosing the posts for the fence from the chain-link mesh

Choosing the posts for the fence from the chain-link mesh

Pillars are the basis of the fence, an integral part of it, regardless of the type, whether it is a forged fence, corrugated board, picket fence, wood, sections or metal mesh. This accessory plays the role of a structure frame, provides strength and durability, therefore, the choice must be taken responsibly, as well as the choice of the cell and the diameter of the metal product. It must be remembered that the duration of operation and the strength of the erected structure will directly depend on it.

There are 4 main types from a variety of materials:

  • wooden - budgetary, easy to install, but short-lived in service due to its susceptibility to climatic factors, in other words, it quickly decays;
  • made of metal - strong, capable of withstanding significant loads, has a presentable appearance, but requires adherence to the installation steps;
  • concrete - durable, you can make a support once and for all, does not require maintenance and repair, but expensive in price and in transportation costs due to its heavy weight;
  • made of asbestos-cement pipes - practical, durable, but not able to withstand strong mechanical stress.

Best option for wire mesh fencing

Which ones are used most often? Which ones in terms of functionality and comparison of all the pros and cons are better to choose? For a fence such as a chain-link mesh fence, a sectional fence, metal posts are undoubtedly the winner. This is the most reliable option, because they make it possible to firmly pull and attach the mesh with fasteners and the tension wire for centuries. Galvanized steel supports are made of a round or rectangular profile pipe with a cross section of 60x40 millimeters with a wall thickness of 1.2 millimeters in the color of the mesh to create not only a solid structure, but also an attractive appearance. These parameters are optimal for building a fence for many years. The galvanized post does not need priming and additional painting, because it is covered with polymer paint, which protects against corrosion. Also, the advantages include high strength, quality regulated by a 20-year warranty, anti-vandal resistance, which is not possessed by other pillars, for example, from fittings.

The rules for choosing the perfect fit:

  • the height should be at least 50 cm higher than the mesh itself, for a reserve for drilling holes. The length depends on the structure of the earth and the seasonality, when it is necessary to establish: with loose and sandy soil in the cold season, it is necessary to dig deeper holes, accordingly choose a larger size. It is necessary to pour concrete below the freezing of the soil, if you want the stretch fence to serve the warranty period;
  • the color must match the color of the roll and fasteners for the aesthetic appearance of the site;
  • before buying, you need to calculate the quantity, taking into account the maximum distance between the posts of 2.5 meters;
  • choose the right fasteners depending on the choice of the column shape.

Given the above information, we are sure that you will definitely not be mistaken in choosing the pillars, and your fence for a house, suburban area or summer cottage will stand, stand and stand for many years to come.

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