How to make a flower bed from a gabion

How to make a flower bed from a gabion

Flowerbeds made of mesh and stones are a great way to decorate the territory of your house, cottage or country estate. But how to decorate a flower garden most brightly and stylishly? What building material is better to use for a simple design that will cost financially? Gabion mesh construction - a modern trend in the manufacture of decorative elements of the site and the fence in one design style The framework for different breeds and types of flowers can be constructed both one-level, and multilevel cascade, various variations of forms and height, the size of a cell, length and width of diameter of faces.

Experienced installers have prepared tips for installing garden beds and borders of gabions, so that the design is not only pleasing to the eye, but also long served the owners:

  • steel products are filled in turn, in order to facilitate the attachment of the previous one with the next one, and the last one is left empty so that it can be fastened with the next basket;
  • the calculation technique is dense, for this purpose it is necessary to install each element separately manually;
  • he cover is installed in a few days, when the filler shrinks, so the top layer of masonry is made protruding;
  • on the edges of the building are large stones, in the center you can fill in and smaller.

Instructions for mounting gabions

1) Prepare the soil for the installation of the structure: clear the area, remove vegetation.
2) Creating markup with pegs and cord.
3) Install a solid structure of the desired shape: circle, star, square, triangle, spiral or other.
4) Lay out the base or bottom of the grid, then the sides, connect with galvanized brackets and fix with a special tool - a gun for gabions.
5) Place the hooks inside the basket. The process is necessary to keep the walls in the initial position and prevent deformation of the integral structure by loading the filler. Hooks are included with gabions and can be installed both directly and diagonally at the request of the client.
6) Fill the inner space of the hole with the selected filler of any color, shape and size.
7) Close the top cover after the stone settles. The lid is attached to the box with staples or wire, which twists the edges of the walls with the lid.
As a result, you can enjoy a new large or small, horizontal or vertical mesh flower bed that you have installed, fill it with soil and plant it.
Installation of gabions has a number of advantages, because the process is simple and time-consuming, provided you have information about the nuances of installation, which are used by professionals. Therefore, every day more and more consumers use gabion structures not only to strengthen the soil, but also for a very original and stylish improvement of the territory, to complement the landscape design in the form of stone flower beds-gabions.

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