How to make an armor belt on aerated concrete

How to make an armor belt on aerated concrete

When planning to build a house of aerated concrete blocks, sooner or later will have to face the need to purchase a special reinforcing belt made of metal for masonry. Why install it? Because the armor belt is responsible for the stability of the finished structure, which, accordingly, will not be without this mesh material, which, accordingly, would like to avoid during construction. Filling with a concrete solution of the reinforced grid forms a strong, continuous, continuous monolithic tape that further strengthens durability of the erected object. With these hardware, the house is not afraid of the load of floors, roofs, or uneven shrinkage of the house.

armor belt on aerated concrete

The armor belt is made by the technology of automatic spot welding of perpendicular rods of the periodic profile BP-1, the parameters of which correspond to the standards and specifications of GOST and TU. It is able to solve such problematic issues as load distribution from the upper part of the structure to the lower, connecting the elements of the plane with a solid object, avoiding cracking of the walls due to soil deformation, earthquake or strong wind loads.

Consider in detail the need to install an armor belt in aerated concrete houses:

  • to strengthen internal and external walls at construction works;
  • during earthquakes to maintain a constant statics of the frame;
  • reduce the risk of cracks;
  • add rigidity to the structure;
  • evenly distribute the point load of the surface on the load-bearing wall;
  • fix the mauerlat under the roof.

As a rule, when installing on formwork, mauerlat or foundation, keep in mind that the width of the map of the reinforced belt or reinforcement should be thinner than the wall thickness, because it is necessary to leave space to cover the wall with insulating material from the outside. This process is necessary to create the effect of thermal insulation from the cold. Without additional material, there is a high probability of mold on the ceiling of the finished house.
After reading the article, there is no doubt that the reinforced metal mesh is an indispensable part of the construction of structures from the gas block. You can find a huge selection of options for the belt, price, height parameters, wire thickness and other characteristics in the catalog on the official website of the leader-manufacturer of the grid Most construction companies, contractors and homeowners have found the right option in the range to strengthen stable structures and make a solid foundation, and are satisfied with the quality of the product and cooperation with the supplier.

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