Which is cheaper gabions or concrete?

Which is cheaper gabions or concrete?

Need to strengthen the slope or strengthen the shore? Are you planning to build a fence or retaining wall? Then you face a difficult question - to prefer reinforced concrete, geogrid tape or gabion structures as a fundamental building material to strengthen the soil and roads?

The answer is simple - gabions. Why choose gabions? Let's compare the advantages of gabions and the disadvantages of alternative, including concrete structures:
1. Easier installation, no need to dig a pit, organize drainage, carry out drainage and other earthworks.
2. Installation can be done at any time of year, laying can be gradual at any depth, installation in layers and blocks is possible, as a designer in height and width and, importantly, in hard to reach places.
3. The fixed structure withstands pressure, is not afraid of water and precipitation, is not deformed due to insignificant shifts and germination of vegetation between stones which besides strengthens construction.
4. Environmentally friendly product that does not harm geology, the environment, becoming over time only an organic part.
5. Aesthetics of appearance due to the filler allows you to use in landscaping, which is many times more beautiful than the gray inconspicuous concrete structure.
6. It will be many times cheaper to cost construction works per cubic meter than to install a monolithic concrete sheet with reinforcement, due to different costs and, accordingly, the price of materials.

Features of gabion structures

Gabions are stylish elements of site decoration that perform various functional tasks https://sitkazahid.com/ru/news-page/chto-takoe-gabiony-i-dlja-chego-oni-nuzhnyThey act as a protective fence, supporting element, walls, canvases, bases for fixing riverbeds, streams, strengthening slopes and decorating the area. Possibilities of use of a design are unlimited, therefore has a wide range of use thanks to durability, endurance of loadings, stability, versatility and anticorrosive processing. Easily mounted, without the use of piles, the work can be done by two pairs of skilled hands, filled with a variety of sagging material to choose from and taste.

The gabion is a bright variant of a design idea, simplicity of appearance of each millimeter gives an extraordinary, modern look. Simply put, it is a wire mesh structure inside which a natural filler is placed. Crushed stone, less often wood and other elements most often act in its role.

Installation of gabions is not such a complex and time-consuming process, if you have information about the nuances of installation, which are used by professionals, then the cost calculation will not be required, because the design can be installed independently. Therefore, every day more and more consumer projects from gabion structures than from concrete structures. They are built not only to strengthen the soil, but also to stylishly improve the area, to complement the landscape design.

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