Buy mesh armopoyas VR-1 50x50mm 4.00mm 1.00m / 2.00m in Grid West

Wire VR-1 50x50mm 4,00mm 1,00m/2,00m
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Product characteristics:
  • Product code: 000000753
  • Coating: Wire VR-1
  • Вічко: 50x50mm
  • Діаmетр гориз. дроту: 4,00mm
  • Діаmетр верт. дроту: 4,00mm
  • Висота виробу: 1,00m
  • Довжина виробу: 2,00m
  • Тип mатеріалу: Wire VR-1
  • Net diameter: No

Armopoyas is a welded, masonry, building mesh with a square cell, which is used for concrete, installing brick foundations, reinforcing reinforced concrete structures, and facing works. It is a reinforced protection of building objects from deformation through adverse factors and loads. Thanks to the armopoyas mesh, building structures will be stable and durable in operation.
We offer a wide range of mesh for masonry armopoyas of our own production, made of low-carbon cold-drawn wire of the periodic profile BP-1, which corresponds to GOST standard, by spot welding at the intersection.
- own production;
- available in large quantities;
- a wide range of;
- net diameter;
- the quality corresponds to the GOST standard;
- the prices are the cheapest on the market;
- incredible discount up to 30%
- free shipping;
- purchase of goods without intermediaries;
- a wide network of branches;
- fast terms of receiving the order.
Areas of use of the armopoyas:
- reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures, glass, walls, foundations with abnormal strength;
- floor insulation;
- brickwork during the construction of walls in the construction of cottages, garages, country houses.

10-year warranty
10-year warranty
Own production
Own production
Free shipping
Free shipping
Certified quality
Certified quality
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