Buy gate duos 200x50mm 5mm / 4mm / 5mm 2.00m / 1.50m in Grid West

2,00m/1,50m 200х50mm 5,00mm/4,00mm/5,00mm
9573.41 uah
11966.76 uah
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Product characteristics:
  • Product code: 000019799
  • Coating: ZN+PP
  • Product length: 1,50m
  • Grid: 200х50mm
  • Product height: 2,00m
  • Vertical wire: 4,00mm
  • Horizontal wire: 5,00mm
  • +lock: Yes
  • Material type: ZN+PP
  • Horizontal wire Dous: 5,00mm
  • Color: GREEN

A wicket is a small door in a fence with a lock using a minimum of construction materials. Made of galvanized steel, powder coated with polyester.
Installing a wicket is the optimal solution for organizing a passage on a private or communal territory. The products comply with European standards, are modeled taking into account modern stylish trends, harmoniously complementing the sectional fence.
Product Features:
- hot-dip galvanizing and powder polymer coating - reliable refractory protective layer against destruction due to corrosion, high or low temperature indicators, high humidity,
ultraviolet radiation;
- complete set, that is, it is supplied with poles, lock and handle;
- double horizontal bar of wide diameter, which makes it impossible to bend, deformation of the structure;
- welding on modern machines, which provides extreme strength, so even seismic activity will not affect the integrity;
- availability of a quality certificate and guarantee;
- automated production, which does not damage the coating at the intersection of the bars;
- speed of installation, because the complete set provides ease of installation, you do not need to disassemble or compose it;
- the ability to choose the color of the polyester protective coating from the RAL palette.

10-year warranty
10-year warranty
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Own production
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Fast shipping
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Certified quality
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