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Installation from Sitka Zahid is fast, reliable and inexpensive. Trust the professionals in your field to install the fence. Our specialists have all the secrets and intricacies of the process, know all the nuances, so they perform installation work with lightning speed in the shortest possible time. If you need a fence that will stand, stand, stand and stand again, you're welcome, and we'll install it once or twice.

Why installation from Sitka Zahid?

  • 1-year installation warranty;
  • a fence in a complex: we manufacture, assemble, install;
  • certified and professional mounting;
  • installers with many years of work experience;
  • we install everything: from fencing to additional protection elements;
  • fast installation in a short time;
  • discounts depending on the meterage;
  • turnkey fence;
  • service;
  • installation throughout Ukraine.

Our company specializes in the production of box gabions for fencing private territory. Experienced installers have prepared tips for installing gabions so that the structure will serve the owners for a long time:

- the baskets are filled alternately, in order to facilitate the fastening of the previous one with the next one;

- the laying technique is dense, for this you need to install each element separately by hand;

- the cover is installed after a few days, when the filler shrinks;

- large stones are installed on the edges, and a smaller stone can be filled in the center.

The method of mounting gabion structures consists of several step-by-step stages, which the instructions demonstrate:

1. Clear the area and remove vegetation on the ground where the structure will be installed.

2. Mark with pegs and cord.

3. Remove the soil layer by 10-15 cm.

4. Install pillars as supports to a depth of about 50 cm, strengthen them with concrete mixture.

5. Lay out the base, then the sides, connect with metal staples and fix with a special tool.

6. Fill with filler.

7. Close the top cover only after the final laying of the stone.

Installation of gabions is not a difficult and time-consuming process, if you have information about the nuances of installation, which are used by professionals. Every day, more and more consumers use gabion structures to stylishly enhance the territory.

10-year warranty
10-year warranty
Own production
Own production
Fast shipping
Fast shipping
Certified quality
Certified quality
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