Buy panels Industry 20x20mm / 1.0mm 2.00m / 2.50m galv. + PP in Grid West

2,00m/2,50m 20х20mm/1,2mm 40х20mm/1,2mm
7813.85 uah
10418.46 uah
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Product characteristics:
  • Product code: 000037658
  • The wall thickness of the vertical filling pipe: 1,2mm
  • The distance between the horizontal pipes: 1,70m
  • The wall thickness of the horizontal filling pipe: 1,2mm
  • Profile of a horizontal filling pipe: 40х20mm
  • Profile of a vertical pipe of filling: 20х20mm
  • Color: RAL 7016 ANTHRACITE
  • The distance between the vertical pipes: 105mm
  • Product length: 2,50m
  • Product height: 2,00m
  • Material type: ZN+PP

Fence Industry - anti-vandal fence of vertical profiles, which combines well with almost all types of buildings. This species has become a trend in recent years in Europe in the field of fencing of industrial areas and commercial buildings. That is why Sitka Zapad opens a fence for the Ukrainian market as well, as the improved design and construction structure successfully combine protective and aesthetic functions. We make a universal and reliable protection by welding a galvanized metal profile in a section at a sufficient distance to prevent climbing, and additionally paint with a protective layer - polymer paint. As a result, we get an open fence, made taking into account modern architectural solutions for areas where enhanced protection is required. The fence guarantees anti-vandal protection and long-term use, resistance to corrosion, damage, cross-section, so it is reliable, high quality and modern. In addition, entrance groups of goods have been developed, such as swing gates, sliding gates, as well as a gate for the possibility of fencing with a fence in the same style.


  • extraordinary resistance to mechanical damage;
  • galvanized layer and additional, polymer paint reliably protect the coating from corrosion that will not occur due to aggressive environmental factors such as temperature changes, precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, high humidity;
  • 20-year warranty, confirmed by the European CE certificate, GOST standards and technical specifications;
  • the structure of the construction makes it impossible to climb;
  • automated modern production without damage to the coating with high-strength connections;
  • long-term in use without loss of initial appearance at the minimum care;
  • modern design, practicality in use, which will fit well into the appearance of the fencing object;
  • easy and fast to install;
  • a wide range allows you to install a fence, gate and wicket from one manufacturer in one style.


  • industrial facilities;
  • country sites;
  • park recreation areas;
  • private houses;
  • recreation centers, sanatoriums;
  • schools;
  • parking, parking;
  • cottages, villas;
  • commercial buildings;
  • factories;
  • refueling;
  • airports.
20-year warranty
20-year warranty
Own production
Own production
Fast shipping
Fast shipping
Certified quality
Certified quality
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Захар Макоцький, 
Мені колись казали, що ця огорожа виключно для заводів. То ж я направду так думав. Але погуглив, поспілкувався з менеджером компанії і зрозумів, що мені цей паркан підійде. Досить легко встановлюється, і стильно виглядає. Я огородився і вам рекомендую.
Вадим Ліценько, 
Я побачив такий перед адміністрацією житлового кварталув нашому місті і захотів собі такий. Таке в Україні мало де побачиш, то ж стильний паркан для стильних будинків. Сконтачив з менеджером, узгодили деталі і мені приїхали палети з Індастрі. Ну, дууууже гарно вийшло. Я менеджеру своєму скидав фото і хвалився))