Buy tape for sections of 190 mm of RAL 7016 in the Grid West

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Tapes for sectional fencing are designed to ensure the privacy of private territory. It is a durable biodegradable material made of high and low temperature resistant polypropylene, which helps maintain the privacy of the house, yard, garden, terrace or balcony, which becomes impenetrable to the naked eye, quickly and easily turn the area into a personal space. The use of the highest quality plastic guarantees the highest resistance to UV radiation, durability and flexibility of fencing tapes.

That is why the tape for fencing is widely used in the European market and is beginning to spread in Ukraine, because it does not require maintenance and is easy to install. For installation it is necessary to advance only a tape between vertical rods of 2D and 3D fences, having formed as a result an opaque design with stylish appearance. Therefore, they are chosen by customers who value security, strive to maintain confidentiality and maximally protect real estate from adverse weather conditions and reduce noise levels.

Fence tapes are a choice of modern design, uncompromisingly high quality at a good price.

Features of tapes for a fence:

  • resistant to ultraviolet radiation, so do not lose color even when constantly exposed to the sun, do not deform under the influence of high temperatures;
  • elastic, flexible and soft when bent, so they easily change shape without deforming the structure of the material;
  • produced according to European quality standards;
  • frost-resistant, do not break down under the influence of low temperatures;
  • provide an aesthetic appearance on both sides of the fence;
  • long-term in use;
  • unpretentious in care;
  • ensure the opacity of the territory;
  • reduce noise level;
  • simple and fast installation by own hands without use of special tools;
  • universal and use, because they are used for both sectional fences and balconies;
  • protect from wind and adverse weather conditions;
  • made according to modern standards of stylish design;
  • a variety of ribbons, a wide range of colors and patterns of different widths.
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10-year warranty
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Own production
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Certified quality
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