Buy swing gates Eco 200x50mm 4mm / 4mm 2.00m / 5.00m ots. + PP in Grid West

2,00m/5,00m 200х50mm 4,00mm/4,00mm
14013.25 uah
17516.56 uah
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Product characteristics:
  • Product code: 000032351
  • Coating: ZN+PP
  • Horizontal wire: 4,00mm
  • Grid: 200х50mm
  • Product height: 2,00m
  • Product length: 5,00m
  • Vertical wire: 4,00mm
  • +lock: Yes
  • Material type: ZN+PP
  • Color: GREEN

Galvanized metal ECO gates are covered with a polymer coating - the best idea for travel to a private or country site. IVF gates with welded mesh filling are a trend of recent years in the field of fencing, which successfully combine protective and aesthetic functions.

The new improved development of the West Grid production allowed to make the price of the gate more budget-friendly, which helps to save the budget. Therefore, we present to your attention the swing gate ECO ergonomically strong and light at the same time, with a simpler type of construction of the mesh base, less weight due to the use in the production of innovative equipment. It is the innovative approach that has helped to improve the protective properties of the finished structure, at times reduce the cost of finished products, make the gate more affordable in price than analogues in the Ukrainian market. The material guarantees anti-vandal protection and long-term use, corrosion resistance, because it is tested in aggressive weather conditions, so the gate is reliable, high quality and will last for decades.

As a result, IVF swing gates will be a good addition to the sectional fence and will help to stylishly and cheaply arrange the entrance to the private territory of the house, garden, vegetable garden or other type of garden plot.

Product features:

  • zinc coating and an additional layer of polymer paint - reliable protection against rust, which will not occur due to precipitation, high humidity, temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet radiation;
  • high level of strength of the structure, which is difficult to damage, deform or carry out through the transition;
  • certified product quality, compliance with GOST, TU and European standards, documented warranty for 20 years;
  • automated modern production without damage to the coating with high-strength connections;
  • cheaper cost compared to analogues due to simplified construction and use of fewer materials without loss of protective functions;
  • complete set of a design;
  • speed and ease of installation;
  • the appearance successfully complements the design of the territory.
10-year warranty
10-year warranty
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Own production
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Fast shipping
Certified quality
Certified quality
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