Buy swing gates Industry 40x20mm / 105mm 1.50m / 3.00m ots. + PP in Grid West

1,50m/3,00m 40х20mm/105mm
19084.22 uah
23855.28 uah
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Product characteristics:
  • Product code: 000037639
  • Product height: 1,50m
  • Gate / gate post height: 2,50m
  • Material type: ZN+PP
  • Pillar pipe profile: 80х60mm
  • +lock: Yes
  • Coating: ZN+PP
  • Product length: 3,00m
  • Color: RAL 6005 GREEN
  • The wall thickness of the column pipe: 2,0mm
  • The length of the right sash: 1,50m
  • Frame pipe profile: 60х40mm
  • The wall thickness of the pipe frame: 1,5mm
  • Profile of a vertical pipe of filling: 40х20mm
  • The wall thickness of the vertical filling pipe: 1,0mm
  • The distance between the vertical pipes: 105mm
  • The length of the left sash: 1,50m
  • Color: GREEN

Swing gates of the Industry series - a novelty of production the Grid West, developed for travel to private, collective and industrial sites. The entrance structure is made of welded metal profile pipes, which are additionally galvanized and covered with an additional layer of high-quality polymer paint and welded into the canvas. The basis is two symmetrical parts of the canvas, which are placed at a sufficient distance to prevent the intersection or transition of the structure, which in combination with the supports and the lock form a single product. The finished structure guarantees anti-vandal protection, long-term use, resistance to corrosion, damage, ease of installation, so it is reliable, high quality and modern in appearance. The gate perfectly fits into the design of almost all types of buildings, combining protective functions, comfort in use and a beautiful aesthetic appearance with a fence in the same style.

Features of swing gates Industry:

  • extremely strong and resistant to damage;
  • galvanized layer and additional, polymer paint reliably protect the coating from corrosion that will not occur due to aggressive environmental factors such as temperature changes, precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, high humidity;
  • 20-year warranty, confirmed by the European CE certificate, and the operational properties of the product are maintained for up to 60 years;
  • structure of construction prevents section, deformation, transition;
  • joints are fastened by means of automatic welding according to TU, without damage of a covering, with high-strength connections;
  • modern design, practicality in use, which will fit well into the appearance of the fencing object;
  • complete set, together with shutters, fastenings and the lock;
  • easy and fast to install.
10-year warranty
10-year warranty
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Own production
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Certified quality
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Поставили такі в нашій школі. Виглядає гарно, бо красивий дизайн, діти не нищать, тому що міцна, фарба не злазить, конструкція не скрипить, механізм працює справно. Радимо такі ворота, не пошкодуєте.
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