Buy sliding gates 200x50mm 5mm / 4mm / 5mm 1.50m / 6.00m ots. + PP in Grid West

1,50m/6,00m 200х50mm 5,00mm/4,00mm/5,00mm
42360.11 uah
52950.14 uah
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Sliding gates
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Product characteristics:
  • Product code: 000019453
  • Coating: ZN+PP
  • Product length: 6,00m
  • Vertical wire: 4,00mm
  • Horizontal wire: 5,00mm
  • Grid: 200х50mm
  • +lock: Yes
  • Pillar pipe profile: 80х60mm
  • Material type: ZN+PP
  • Product height: 1,50m
  • Horizontal wire Dous: 5,00mm

Gates made of galvanized metal coated with a polymer coating are the best idea for organizing access to private territory. On request, they can be equipped with automation and protection systems, indicating that they harmoniously combine protective and aesthetic functions.
Grid West has improved the design and standards of sliding gates. They can additionally be equipped with an automatic opening system with a 3-year warranty and enhanced protection. It is possible to order the width of the passage at your own request.
- polymer coating - a reliable protective layer against mechanical damage, precipitation and moisture, which provoke the formation of rust;
- double horizontal bar provides additional strength;
- certified product quality, compliance with GOST and European standards, documented warranty for 12 years;
- automated, fast and accurate welding without damaging the coating;
- the ability to order unique sizes with the desired parameters;
- the ability to mount additional protection in the form of automation, security and alarm systems.

10-year warranty
10-year warranty
Own production
Own production
Fast shipping
Fast shipping
Certified quality
Certified quality
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Купив за ціну на яку розраховував, привезли вчасно, встановили в терміни, які були зазначені в договорі. Всі б замовлення проходили так гладко! Задоволений співпрацею, а основне результатом. Дякую.
Звернулись в компанію СІТКА ЗАХІД, щоб замовити ворота. Ввічливі консультанти, які залишили приємне враження, якісний товар і в одному місці, замовили і ворота і автоматику, своєчасна доставка, швидка установка. Користуємся з задоволенням! Рекомендуємо!