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Compliance with
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Double strength of a design
Double strength of a design
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Possibility of individual order
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The only manufacturers of double-strength gabions in Ukraine
The only manufacturers of double-strength gabions in Ukraine

Gabions are an original, simple and stylish way fencing. Strength, durability, good appearance, anti-corrosion finish - these are the main characteristics of the gabion fence, which is also easy to install and fill with material of your choice and taste, which creates a real masterpiece in the complex.


In production we use galvanized mesh with double horizontal rods with a diameter of 5/4/5 mm and a mesh of 200x50 mm. This indicates that we are the only gabion manufacturer to use such a wide wire that our fence is a guarantor of strength with anti-corrosion properties and has served for over 20 years.

Box gabion
Box gabion

It is a mesh construction in the form of a basket from the sections made of a galvanized grid with double cross rods. The mesh is fastened together with staples using a mounting gun and together with the hooks, which firmly hold the stable shape of the structure, place the natural filler inside.


This is an alternative and more budget version of the gabion fence, because it is less expensive to use materials. Despite the fact that the finished structure is narrow - it is no less strong, because it consists of sections with double bars, which are securely attached to the posts with screws.

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The best installation of the fence
The best installation of the fence

Are you planning to buy a fence, but the thought of installing it drives you crazy? Trust the professionals. We install fences quickly and efficiently. We follow all the rules and nuances of the process and perform installation work with lightning speed in the shortest possible time. As a result, you get a strong and stable fence that will stand, stand, stand and stand!

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Would you like to decorate your yard, garden or summer cottage? Robust galvanized wire mesh, fastened with spirals and hooks, creates a masterpiece of landscape design and bank protection - mesh structures. This structure is not inferior in strength to a concrete slab, and its use is limitless due to its super strength, stability, versatility of use and anti-corrosion treatment. 

Gabions in the manufacturer's Sitka Zahid catalog

We present to your an assortment where are presented standard box structures and different filling options with a photo. All products have a quality certificate and a 12-year warranty. On the official website you can find out the prices, calculate the cost, download the price list and buy gabions from the manufacturer.

The catalog from the manufacturer Sitka Zahid includes a wide range of items with such parameters:

  • mesh for gabions, where the standard wire has a diameter of 4 mm;
  • thickness - 0.3 m;
  • height from 0.5m to 2m;
  • width from 0.3 m to 2 m;
  • cell size 100x50 mm;
  • the number of hooks from 4 to 50 pieces, which are attached every 30 cm;
  • the number of spirals for fastening the structure is from 7 to 19 pieces.

Our company is engaged in the complex installation of gabion fences, therefore, in addition to welded structures and accessories for them, we offer the client such components as pillars, which are necessary for strong, high structures.

Functions of gabions

Gabion is a practical engineering structure. The construction of them is like a retaining wall, with the help of which it is possible to strengthen the land, banks, river bed, preventing landslides. It is also used in the construction of fences and the design of landscaping, so more and more often you can find welded gabions in the countryside, in the garden, in a commercial or private area. To understand the functionality, let's point out their main functions.:

  1. Protective - strengthening of slopes, river beds from floods, embankments from deformation of the territory, erosion of the soil, rocks, ramps, bridges and soil on the slopes. They perform their functions due to the specific structure of the metal base. The sections of the rods are located quite tightly, therefore, when in contact with the surface, they are held in place. The structure can be in one position for more than 100 years without the need for replacement and reconstruction, which is very important in bank protection. Suitable for this application: Reno mattresses, Jumbo and Terramesh.

2. Security - ensuring the security of the territory by fencing the site. Gabions are popular all over the world in the fencing of private or commercial areas. You can use the fence anywhere, the main thing is to choose the right budget content and suitable technical parameters. Are used for the arrangement of the territory, metal welding box-shaped gabions.

The main characteristics and advantages of gabion fences:

  • extreme strength that can withstand the load without any damage;
  • galvanized coating gives resistance to corrosion, chemical attack and other negative weather conditions;
  • sound insulation through the density of the enclosure filler;
  • simple installation;
  • variety of content;
  • frost resistance;
  • water-permeable and breathable fencing, which contributes to long-term operation;
  • fence, gates and other decor can be filled with one filler, which will create a unique design;
  • low cost, because installation of the structure, the fence itself and its filling are inexpensive.

3. Decoration - the creation of landscape design elements in the same style for the aesthetic pleasure of garden owners, private houses and summer cottages, visitors to restaurants and other public places such as parking lots and parks. Usually, for this purpose, products are purchased to order according to the customer's sizes with any shape and thickness.

You can arrange such modern decor elements:

  • ovens and barbecue grills;
  • flower beds and flowerpots;
  • fireplaces;
  • wells;
  • benches;
  • mini waterfalls and fountains;
  • steps.

Types of gabions, design features and application

Let's consider in more detail the purpose and types of products.

Reno mattresses

Renault gabions is a voluminous frame that does not require a base and can be installed at any time of the year. The product can be easily wired, filled with stone, resulting in a flexible, mat-like wall that can filter water. Such an environment promotes the growth of vegetation, respectively, further strengthening the soil. Structures made of stainless steel mesh of double twisting manie well resist breaks of individual threads. In most cases, granite rubble stone suits as a filler.

Reno mattresses are the best choice for such purposes:

  • to strengthen mountainous terrain with a slope up to 45 degrees;
  • strengthening of the river bank with a fast current, various reservoirs, canals from erosion;
  • as a foundation for construction on marsh soil;
  • to strengthen bridges, embankments for railways and highways.

Gabion jumbo

Jumbo is also a variation  - an enlarged version of reno mattresses to reinforce large areas. Its size and volume are several times larger than that of a classic specimen, which is why they received the corresponding name.

Jumbo is used in strengthening of:

  • the bottom of basins: small and large rivers, seas;
  • facilities near ports;
  • huge retaining walls;
  • steep landslide slopes of mountainous terrain;
  • soils under bridges.


The terramesh system is a modular stepped soil reinforcement system for unstable massifs. These systems are also called a cascade or a retaining wall made of gabions; they are made of a double twist mesh, verified by the GOST standard. The installation technology is simple: a large block with a reinforcing purpose is mounted in the front part of the structure, then repeated in layers. The most important advantages are strength, flexibility, permeability and environmental friendliness.


Box-shaped gabion is a galvanized metal structure that is used for such purposes as:

  • arrangement of fencing and site delimitation;
  • creation of garden structures for landscape design: flower beds, fountains, fireplaces, barbecues and others;
  • construction of tables, benches and other useful exterior structures.

Form variations

In landscape design, it is inherent in the manufacture of structures of various sizes.:

1. square - for the construction of a fence;

2. cylindrical - a box made in the form of a cylinder for low fences, flower beds;

3. flat - for bank protection;

4. round - used in decoration of facade elements and arrangement of wells;

5. triangular - used exclusively for decorative purposes.

A bonus is that the production is rich not only with gabions in the parallelepiped form, but also, for example, elliptical, in the form of an object or living creature. You can bring to life the most daring creative, decorative ideas:

  • figures of various shapes: in the form of a man, a turtle, an elephant, a bear, a horse, a dog, a deer, a donkey
  • sculptures;
  • balls of different volumes;
  • figurines, in the form of a heart or a letter.

Filling materials

Gabion construction can beautify any landscape, the main thing is to choose the right filler. In the latter, products do not limit imagination.

Possible filling:

  • granite or marble;
  • broken brick;
  • various types of trees;
  • stone for gabions: cobblestone, crushed stone, gravel, pebbles, quartzite;
  • broken glass and crystals;
  • metal elements;
  • hay or grass;
  • artificial or natural flowers;
  • fabrics;
  • music records or other household items.

Delivery and installation services

Installation of gabions cannot be called a difficult procedure, however, it requires certain skills and accuracy, therefore we provide turnkey installation services for a fence. A team of professionals has installed thousands of fences, so on the website you can find their installation instructions.

Brief steps for installing of the gabions fences:

1. Collect stones and plants from the site that may interfere with installation.

2. Make a base and concrete the soil.

3. Laying the mesh.

4. Fixation and alignment of the structure.

5. Filling.

6. Installing the cover using a ready-made spiral.

In our company, a client can make an order, buy gabions wholesale and retail at an affordable price per m3, in addition with the installation service. In warehouses of 16 branches across Ukraine, products with different characteristics are always available. The team is waiting for you at the branded sale points. We are ready to deliver relatively cheap products free of charge to the specified address in Kiev or any other corner of the country and abroad.