Buy mesh netting ots.t / n 50x50mm 2.50mm 2.00m / 10.00m from Sitka Zahid

ZN 50х50mm 2,50mm 2,00m/10,00m
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Product characteristics:
  • Product code: 000000958
  • Grid: 50х50mm
  • Wire diameter: 2,50mm
  • Product length: 10,00m
  • Material type: ZN
  • Product height: 2,00m

Mesh chain-link is a material made of metal wire, which is made by weaving it together. To prevent corrosion, mechanical and other damage during production the woven mesh is additionally zinc-coated or plastic coated from recycled materials. This allows you to extend the service life and maintain an aesthetic appearance for many years.
The chain-link mesh owes its popularity to a wide scope of use, excellent technical characteristics and an affordable price. This is what made it one of the most common building materials and the most popular fence in many countries around the world.
- complies with GOST and EU standards;
- has a low weight, which is convenient for transportation and installation;
- durable against corrosion;
- resistant to ultraviolet light, temperature extremes;
- transparent, because it does not interfere with the passage of the sun
- able to withstand mechanical damage;
- quick and easy installation;
- high amortization capabilities;
- long-term use;
- Recycled coating - recycled plastic.
Fencing mesh is used for:
- agricultural plots, dachas, vegetable gardens;
- residential buildings, private territories;
- stadiums, sports grounds;
- protective partitions in production;
- cages for rabbits, dog enclosures;
- cages for chickens and other poultry.

It is also actively used in the construction industry:
- as a reinforcing material for finishing works;
- for concrete reinforcement;
- for plastering walls and facades;
- for heat insulation of pipes;
- for road foundation;
- make a sieve for sifting bulk materials.
Having shown imagination, you will find many more ways to use the netting netting in everyday life or as a decorative element.

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10-year warranty
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Certified quality
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Купив у вас вдруге сітка класна все інше пройшло добре, менеджер швидко оформив зміг через декілька днів забрав, можливо тому, що і замовлення було не велике але це вже інше питання! перший раз трохи довше йшло. але по загальним враженням всерівно 5!
андрій , 
потірбно було побудувати вольєр для вівчарки, такий щоб був міцний, бо вона в мене ще молода, активна і любить стрибати на паркан, коли хтось проходить повз. тому треба була якісна сітка і я знайшов. дякую