The grid is welded

From 18.74 UAH / m2
The grid is welded
20 years
20 years
Compliance with 
CE and ISO 
Compliance with
CE and ISO
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Что это за сетка?
Что это за сетка?

Welded mesh is formed from wire welded at intersections by the method of spot welding. It is made of low-carbon cold-drawn wire of a round profile, which is galvanized and then reliably welded. The result is a mesh resistant to corrosion and durable for years.


The meshes differ in the size of the side of the cell and the diameter of the wire. Cells are available in square and rectangular sizes 12.5x12.5 mm, 25x12.5 mm, 20x20 mm, 25x25 mm, 50x25 mm, 50x50 mm. The wire diameter ranges from 0.7 mm to 1.8 mm.

We offer galvanised mesh
We offer galvanised mesh

Galvanized welded mesh - the standard of industrial strength. Unlike polymer coated mesh and uncoated mesh in general, galvanized welded mesh is truly durable and resistant to corrosion and swelling. It perfectly keeps temperature fluctuations.

Bird and animal cages
Frame for greenhouses and greenhouses
Low fences - flower beds
Leveling walls with plaster
Underfloor heating installation
Protecting trees from rodents
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Welded galvanized grid 25х12,5mm/0,90mm 1,00m/30,00m
Action -25%
Welded galvanized grid 25х25mm/0,90mm 1,00m/30,00m
Action -25%
Welded galvanized grid 12,5х12,5mm/1,30mm 1,00m/30,00m
Action -25%
Welded galvanized grid 12,5х12,5mm/0,70mm 1,00m/30,00m
CE certificate 
of conformity
CE certificate
of conformity

Document confirms that the samples meet the requirements of European standards EN 10223-7: 2012. The evaluation was carried out by the Polish test center of the Scientific and Production Firm '' Zond ''.

The product is valued for quality workmanship and appearance. This only confirms the fact that we produce products of European quality at Ukrainian prices.

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Welded mesh in the manufacturer's catalog Sitka Zahid

Welded mesh with galvanized rod (WMGR) is a metal product that is used for the implementation of construction projects. What is the production technology? Black wire is pre-galvanized. The production itself takes place due to spot welding at the intersection of the wires with each other. Production is carried out on new automated machines, which prevents damage to the galvanized coating and makes production process much faster. Such a product is much more durable in operation than aluminum, sheet or expanded metal sheet mesh. You can order production inexpensively from the manufacturer Sitka Zahid, you can buy a welded mesh for every use, you can order a product with a non-standard height, or from hot-dip galvanized wire, or take raw materials such as low-carbon steel as a basis.

As a result, the welded galvanized mesh in rolls complies with the certificates and tests. And this is important, because it has been proven that for 80% of consumers quality is the main factor when choosing. Customers pay attention not so much to price as to quality. This is a guarantee that the product will fulfill its purpose for a long time.

The catalog is filled with positions for sale with photos and different parameters. On the official website you can get a calculation and purchase a welding product from a manufacturer with such characteristics:

  • coated with zinc;
  • mesh size: 12.5x12.5 mm, 25x12.5 mm, 20x20 mm, 25x25mm, 50x25 mm, 50x50 mm;
  • bar diameter: 0.7 mm, 0.9 mm, 1 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.80 mm;
  • roll width 10 or 30 meters;
  • length 1.00 m or 1.50 m.

Types and main characteristics

Galvanized welded mesh is available with a variety of criteria, so let's take a closer look at their varieties.

Based on the shape of the cells, it is divided into:

  • square;
  • rectangular.

If we take into account the volume of the cell, then products are distinguished with:


2. medium;

3. large cell.

One of the classifications concerns the scope of destination:

  • masonry for brickwork;
  • road for filling the road or floor screed;
  • reinforcement for reinforcing structures;
  • plastering - for wall decoration;
  • a fur farm for the construction of animal cages.

Wire, narrow and thin products have a lot of advantages and benefits:

1. The service life is 5-7 years, which is confirmed by the corresponding marking, quality certificate and identity to GOST standards;

2. Availability of technical specifications, or product passport;

3. Durable service, anti-corrosion properties protection against moisture and high temperature. Welded stainless steel mesh with zinc and analog such as non-galvanized that saves the budget, with it you will not have to re-purchase;

4. Flexible material - the ductility of a wire with a small diameter allows it to be used as a frame;

5. Versatility, thanks to areas of application: from the manufacture of cages to concreting;

6. Light weight - rolled mesh is not heavy, easy to transport, and also does not create a load on the walls during construction;

7. Automated production creates a connection of rods without damage. This kind of welding allowed us to bring the appearance to a new aesthetic level;

8. Reliability and durability - high quality wire fastening can withstand heavy mechanical loads.

Scope of use for welded metal products

  Where is it being installed? Areas of use:

  • walls decoration;
  • in masonry during the construction of walls;
  • landscape decoration, flower garden fencing;
  • in the manufacture of greenhouses;
  • reinforced for concrete;
  • additional laying of the floor foundation from mice;
  • cages and enclosures for animals.

The most common use is for building of animal cages. Bird cages can be purchased already assembled, but to save budget and comply with individual sizes and for the comfort of living creatures, it is better to do the installation yourself.

Our managers advise to buy a welded galvanized net for cages for small birds and small animals, such as a small-cell to prevent escape. For large animals use a medium and large cell.

Suitable for cages for:

  • rabbits;
  • chicken;
  • ducks;
  • nutria;
  • quails;
  • small dogs.

Prices for mesh products

The cost per running meter or 1m2 depends on the characteristics of the cell, thickness, height and length of the roll. Based on the parameters compiles the price: the larger the cell, the lower the height and the thinner the wire, the cheaper the price. Accordingly, the more material is used, the more it weighs, the more expensive the product. You can study the price list in detail on the product page, or calculate it for free by calling the manager. He will happily calculate the order using a calculator and give a discount depending on the amount.

We are open to new partnerships with owners of hardware stores and metal bases on favorable terms. The prices for the goods will pleasantly surprise, and in addition, depending on the volume of the order, you will receive an incredible discount of up to 35% with free shipping.

The company owns such a powerful production base that it has a huge assortment in stock. For the convenience of customers, a wide network of representative offices has been opened in Ukraine, which contributes to the fast delivery of the order.

Delivery is carried out immediately after payment. The plant is located in Chernivtsi, Kyiv, Lviv. Branches are licated across the country, warehouses are located in such cities as: Kharkoi, Dnipro, Odessa, Vinnytsia, Rivne, Lutsk, Kherson, Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava, Mukachevo. There is also an online store where you can make an order online. But metal products are popular not only in Ukraine, but also in Germany, Poland, Romania, Latvia and France.

The manufacturer Sitka Zahid successfully sells hardware products both retail and wholesale with delivery to any location in Ukraine. We will be happy to help you to choose the best products for your needs.