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Standard Color Panels 200х50mm 2,03m/2,50m 4,00mm/4,00mm
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Standard Color Panels 200х50mm 1,73m/2,50m 4,00mm/4,00mm
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Standard Color Panels 200х50mm 1,53m/2,50m 4,00mm/4,00mm
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Standard Color Panels 200х50mm 1,23m/2,50m 4,00mm/4,00mm
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Standard Color Panels 200х50mm 1,03m/2,50m 4,00mm/4,00mm
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Eco Panels 200х50mm 2,03m/2,50m 3,00mm/4,00mm
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Eco Panels 200х50mm 1,73m/2,50m 3,00mm/4,00mm
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Eco Panels 200х50mm 1,53m/2,50m 3,00mm/4,00mm
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Eco Panels 200х50mm 1,23m/2,50m 3,00mm/4,00mm
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Eco Panels 200х50mm 1,03m/2,50m 3,00mm/4,00mm
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Duos Panels 200х50mm 1,03m/2,50m 5,00mm/4,00mm/5,00mm
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Pillars 3,00m/60х40mm 1,2mm ZN+PP
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Pillars 2,50m/60х40mm 1,2mm ZN+PP
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Pillars 2,00m/60х40mm 1,2mm ZN+PP
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Pillars 1,50m/60х40mm 1,2mm ZN+PP
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DUOS BOX wicket 2,00m/0,90m 200х50mm
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DUOS BOX wicket 1,70m/0,90m 200х50mm
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DUOS BOX wicket 1,50m/0,90m 200х50mm
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DUOS BOX wicket 1,20m/0,90m 200х50mm
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DUOS BOX wicket 1,00m/0,90m 200х50mm
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Sitka Zahid - №1 in the market of wire products

Decided to protect the territory, build a cage for animals or, perhaps, aviaries for dogs? Maybe you are building the house of your dreams and reinforcing the foundation, or you have done repairs and approached the stage of finishing work? Are you planning to build, but have not yet purchased a grid? In the catalog of our company you will precisely find a fence and a grid with the necessary parameters where the price corresponds to quality!

The company Sitka Zakhid, which has been engaged in the official production and wholesale and retail sale of mesh for over 15 years, is a leader in the Ukrainian market of hardware products, has a strong production base with multi-level quality control. In stock there is always available goods in the required quantity. The plants are located in Kyiv, Chernivtsi and Lviv, and representative offices are established in different parts of Ukraine. Over the years, 16 branches have been established, so you can buy a net and a fence in official stores, or order by delivery.

The company specializes in products whose main characteristics are strength, reliability and durability. We carefully check the manufacture of products, so you can be sure that you will receive high quality material with adequate cost. Innovative solutions, a wide range of products on the market and professionals who can provide you with competent support - all this is the key to our success.

The catalog includes products that are in demand among consumers, which is due to the proposed type of product. The main task of the company is to provide each customer with products where the low price corresponds to the best quality. Fences of our production are perfectly suitable for consumers who want to comprehensively protect their home and business from various dangers. In addition, the company's wide range allows you to choose a fence not only for safety, but also for many other characteristics.

Not only a grid or a fence, but also accessories are offered. The company also goes to mark the fence, dismantles the old one, deals with turnkey fences, which includes a comprehensive installation of the fence.

Product range

We present the range of a grid for a fence of production of our enterprise:

- corrugated mesh - a strong anti-vandal mesh, which is used for the construction of cages, construction and decoration of the premises. The grid, both metal, and galvanized is possible;

- netting - a classic, the most common braided mesh with an extraordinary level of depreciation and universal use. We realize a galvanized grid from ferrous metal with a polymeric covering which cover is reliably protected from any negative influence. PVC netting is better suited for use in regions with adverse weather conditions, in addition, the coating is made from recycled materials;

- strong and reliable welded galvanized and metal plaster grid used in the construction industry and cage construction;

- welded masonry mesh armopoyas for concrete, construction and reinforcement of the foundation for increased structural strength.

The catalog product group also includes designs such as gabion nets. Gabions, or as they are also called pergons, create welded universal structures. Box gabion is used as a fence of gabions, as an ornament of landscaping and decoration, as a strengthening of loose soils from landslides and river banks from floods.

The biggest demand among the products of the catalog are budget green fences made of welded 3D mesh. Metal sections with a reef of rigidity are aesthetic and effective protection.

We offer to buy not only high-quality products from a wire, but also accessories for construction of a fence of various type. These include everything you need for the installation of a complex fence:

- fastening;

- anchor plates;

- pillars;

- gates;

- clamps;

- spirals;

- hooks.

Sectional fences: typology

The company West Grid represents a wide choice of a sectional fence. Panel fences are a reliable protection of various territories from intruders and aesthetic decoration of the territory. With the right choice of type of fence and quality installation, it is able to serve the owners for many years. We offer the following types of panel protection:

  • 3D fence with a reef of rigidity. The fence of an economic option and standard is made. It is universal, but is most suitable for agriculture, commercial establishments and private estates. The thickness of the rod varies from 3 to 5 millimeters;
  • section Pro, Duos or, as it is also called 2D, has double horizontal rods that provide increased strength. It is best suited for private homes and the industrial sphere, fences for sports grounds, as it has the appropriate protection parameters. The thickness of the rod is possible from 4 to 8 millimeters;
  • sectional heavy-duty fence with a wide bar diameter of 8 millimeters belongs to the Security series. It provides a high level of protection, because the horizontal bars are welded at a distance of 6 mm from each other. This prevents damage by foreign objects, such a fence can withstand huge loads compared to other types of fences.

Gates and wickets are the decoration of your fence

Gates and gates from a grid with a polymeric covering are delivered completely completed, are used for private and industrial objects, as harmonious addition to a section fence. This is the optimal solution for the organization of travel or passage. We specialize in gates that are possible to order up to 12 meters wide and gates made up to 2 meters wide. The latter are equipped with two pillars, universal canopies, a premium lock with a handle and overlays. The main feature is a double horizontal bar, which has anti-vandal properties. Components are made by means of automated welding that is very valuable in production technology, after all there is no manual grinding and damage of a covering.

We offer a choice of the following metal gates:

  • swinging - open to themselves or from themselves;
  • retractable open by a method of shift along a fence.

Varieties of components

Manufacturer Mesh West offers a wide range of components, without which it is impossible to fully install and operate the fence.

Types of accessories:

1. Fastenings allow to fix sections to columns. Made of galvanized steel with a polymer coating. The set includes clips and bolts. Depending on the type of section, a certain type of fastening is selected: end-clamp, angular, U-shaped.

2. Columns are made of zinc and covered with polymer, serve as a support for the fence and provide strength and stability of the structure. Supplied with built-in threaded studs. In order to correctly choose the length of the column, it is necessary to remember that its height should be more than about 50 cm for its concreting. We offer such columns as:

  • rectangular columns for sections;
  • round posts for a chain-link grid.

3. Barbed wire, or fidget, is an additional level of protection against intruders, thanks to the barbed cutting elements that are around the wire. Thus, it provides impassability of unwanted persons.

4. Anchor plates under a fence for columns are used at installation which does not provide concreting of columns.

5. Spirals - components by which the sides of the gabions are attached to each other, balancing the weight of the filler.

6. Hooks are mounted inside the gabion, their purpose - to strengthen the structure, because under the weight of stones or other filler, the structure can spread.

If you are interested in a grid or turnkey fences - you can buy them by leaving an application on the Sitka Zahid website. Do you want to find out which characteristics of the material are best suited for your needs? Our managers will provide technical advice and competently inform about the details of the order and delivery.