Mesh netting

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Mesh netting
10 years
10 years
Eco-coating from secondary raw materials
Eco-coating from secondary raw materials
Tight packing of the European sample
Tight packing of the European sample
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Order in one click
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10 years 
10 years

Because we use plastic coating from secondary raw materials, which is environmentally friendly, is not afraid of moisture or high alkaline environment, provides reliable protection against corrosion and in addition saves the planet from pollution by plastic waste.

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Chain-link grid ZN 50х50mm 2,50mm 1,20m/10,00m
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Chain-link with PVC Low carbon steel coated PP(100% RECYCLING) 50х50mm 1,9/3,50mm 1,20m/10,00m
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Chain-link with PVC Low carbon steel coated PP(100% RECYCLING) 50х50mm 1,5/2,50mm 1,50m/10,00m
Action -25%
Chain-link grid ZN 50х50mm 2,00mm 1,20m/10,00m
Mesh netting


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Mesh netting
Mesh netting

Sports grounds

Mesh netting

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Mesh netting

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Mesh netting

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Mesh netting


Mesh netting

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21,000 KM
21,000 KM
21,000 KM

Varieties of chain-link fence produced by Sitka Zahid company

What interest’s customers when they are choosing metal products? A quality complex that does not hit the budget. Would you like to purchase a convenient, reliable and relatively inexpensive wire material? Then we know what you need! Today, a wicker iron mesh with a lozenge-shaped cell is very popular. Do you know its name? This is a steel chain-link fence, which is one of the most popular options for arranging fences around a house or other object. It is the best option among budget fences, has a high level of shock absorption and is easy to install. The product is in demand not only in the field of fencing, but also in other areas, due to its excellent technical characteristics.

Material and types

Our catalog contains items with different parameters. All products have passed quality checks in test laboratories and have a certified warranty. On the official website you can calculate the cost, find out the prices, download the price list and buy the fence from the manufacturer according to the customer's size.

Chain-link fence is a material made of interwoven wire. It is additionally treated with zinc or PVC, which allows it to retain its aesthetic appearance for many years. For its production, wire rod is used, from which the wire is made, and later, respectively, the main product for the construction of fences.

The catalog includes a large range of products, where you can find different sizes, mesh diameters and wire thicknesses, as well as accessories such as fasteners, tensioners and pillars.

Let's move on to the classification of characteristics:

  • cell sizes can be: 15х15, 20х20, 25х25, 35х35, 50х50, 60х60 mm;
  • wire diameter presented as: 1.2, 1.6, 1.8, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 mm;
  • standard roll width is 10 m;
  • four height options to choose: 1, 1,2, 1,5 or 2,0 m;
  • material: black metal with zinc or PVC coating;
  • roll weight from 7 to 23 kg;
  • color: light gray or green.

Why choose this type? Let's talk about coverage. PVC sheath can be used even in areas with constant contact with salt water, for example near the sea. Without a doubt, it will serve for many years without deformation of the coating. And this is not its main plus, because it is produced from secondary raw materials, which is one of the UN sustainable development strategies. The main task of this direction is to convey a reasonable approach to the use of the planet's resources, a careful attitude to the ecology of the surrounding world. We support the strategy and cover the wire with recycled plastics. You can no doubt buy a chain-link made of ferrous metal with PVC, thereby preserving the environment. We produce a huge amount of these products, so we can handle large orders. If we talk about a metal mesh with a galvanized sheath, then galvanized - like stainless steel, is resistant to rust and does not require painting. It can be used even in areas with frequent precipitation.

Accordingly, there are such varieties, based on the coverage:

  • galvanized metal without coating;
  • colored non-galvanized black metal with PVC coating.

Another typological parameter is cell size. According to this characteristic, the fence is divided into the following types:

  • small-celled;
  • medium-celled;
  • large-celled.

Range of usage

Used to enclose a plot of private territory, because prices for finished products are available for any consumer.

Chain-link fences can be used for:

  • agricultural plots, summer cottages, vegetable gardens;
  • fencing of territories, residential buildings;
  • to delimit the area for poultry and animals;
  • fences for stadiums, sports grounds;
  • partitions in production;
  • fencing of landscape design elements: flower beds, front gardens, arbors, etc.;
  • construction of an additional fence: sliding and swing gates, wickets - fence doors;
  • rabbit cages, dog enclosures;
  • pens for chickens, poultry.

It is also actively uses in the construction industry:

  • with a small cell is using as a reinforcing layer in finishing works;
  • concrete reinforcement;
  • for plastering walls and facades;
  • pipe insulation;
  • laying road foundation;
  • manufacture of sieves for sieving bulk materials. 

The advantages of mesh chain-link fence products

Let's get acquainted with the advantages:

  • you can buy inexpensive material;
  • complies with GOST and EU standards;
  • has a low weight, which makes it easy to transport and install;
  • resistant to corrosion;
  • resistant to ultraviolet, high or low temperature;
  • light transmission does not interfere with the passage of sunlight;
  • able to withstand mechanical damage;
  • quick DIY installation;
  • high amortization capabilities; 
  • long term use;
  • recycled coverage;
  • large assortment, about 40 items with different parameters.

 How much is mesh products costs?

What interests the client the most before purchasing? Of course, such information as: chain-link fence price per roll. The cost for 1 square meter depends on the size of the cell, the height, and the thickness of the metal product. Based on these parameters, the price price is compiled: the larger the cell, the lower the height and the thinner the diameter, the cheaper the price. The company also has a developed loyalty discount system, which depends on the total order amount. This provides an opportunity to save even more on the purchase of an already budget product. A competently drawn up estimate and final calculation from our specialist will help you to make sure of the difference.

In order to buy products, you need to choose the appropriate parameters, which will help the company's managers. Our product corresponds to the declared service life specified in the warranty documents upon purchase, as evidenced by the following features:

  • the product contains the brand: has a label with the Sitka Zahid logo with the production batch number and barcode;
  • the received product has a quality certificate with a guarantee;
  • we pack the goods without damage.
  • the ends of the wire are even and bent to their spiral;
  • the cells has the same size, the shape is close to an elongated rhombus, the appearance is symmetrical;
  • additional wire tightly pulls the roll and provides a tight fixation;
  • the length corresponds to the declared 10 meters;
  • an integral coating is preserved at the fold;
  • delivery takes place on pallets, the dimensions of which are equal to the size of the rolls.

We sell production at 16 branches throughout the country. We will select the best quality products suitable for you in stock, provide an order calculation and, as soon as possible, will send you free shipping to Kiev or any other corner of Ukraine, both wholesale and retail.

Dismantling and installation services

The most popular way to protect a summer cottage, private house or agricultural land is with a chain-link fence. Installing a fence: what could be easier? On your own or with the help of specialists - installation is quick and easy. On our web site you can find and study detailed instructions with photos for installation.

Our team does installation work and carries out turnkey fencing projects of:

  • sports grounds;
  • solar power plants;
  • private territories;
  • agricultural plots, summer cottages;
  • parking lots;
  • warehouses.

Before buying, you need to compare the cost in the market for hardware products, choose a bona fide manufacturer, study the catalog with a photo, decide on the size, length and buy a chain-link fence along with accessories, such as:

  • fasteners;
  • pillars;
  • tensioners;
  • clamps;
  • caps for pillars.

If you need to dismantle the old lath fence, but you have no idea how to approach this process, we provide additional services to remove the old fence. If you dismantled it yourself, or it was not there at all, let's proceed to familiarize yourself with a brief description of the installation steps:

Mark the area to place the pegs for the pillars at a distance of no more than 3 meters.

  1. The next step is to drill holes 30-50 cm deep for the pillars.
  2. Installation of pillars and concreting them, you can additionally use gravel to strengthen the soil.
  3. The process of unwinding the roll is meticulous, you need to be extremely careful to prevent deformation. The process must be carried out by lowering the end of the fence down and unwinding around its axis.
  4. Fastening the mesh to the pillars consists of two simultaneous processes: tensioning with simultaneous fixation to the post with special fasteners, we recommend installing the structure together.
  5. To fasten two adjacent canvases with an additional wire, you just need to scroll it between them.
  6. Stretching is done by pulling a cable along the upper perimeter of the net to prevent it from sagging.

By sequentially completing the installation steps, you will receive a ready-made fence that will serve you for many years. From the manufacturer Sitka Zahid you can not only purchase a chain-link fence for a running meter, but also profitably order the dismantling of the old fence and the installation of a new one, which will save time and amaze passers-by and neighbors with a beautiful fence.

Would you like to decorate your yard, garden or summer cottage? Robust galvanized wire mesh, fastened with spirals and hooks, creates a masterpiece of landscape design and bank protection - mesh structures. This structure is not inferior in strength to a concrete slab, and its use is limitless due to its super strength, stability, versatility of use and anti-corrosion treatment.