Buy welded mesh ots.t / n 20x20mm 1.0mm 1.00m / 30.00m in Sitka Zahid

20х20mm/1,00mm 1,00m/30,00m
1448.99 uah
1931.99 uah
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Product characteristics:
  • Product code: 000001202
  • Coating: ZN
  • Wire diameter: 1,00mm
  • Grid: 20х20mm
  • Material type: ZN
  • Product length: 30,00m
  • Product height: 1,00m

Welded Wire Mesh - Strong and reliable galvanized wire mesh is used in the construction industry for plastering walls and building poultry cages. The finished product is highly durable and corrosion resistant. Manufacturing takes place by spot welding at the intersection of galvanized wires with each other. Production from hot-dip galvanized wire is carried out on new automated machines, which prevents damage to the coating.
- resistance to corrosion, will not occur through wet or chemical exposure, thanks to galvanizing;
- high quality, compliance with GOSTs, 7-year warranty;
- reliability and durability, withstands high mechanical loads;
- safe construction structure, it is impossible to get hurt on the wire;
- light weight, which facilitates transportation and installation;
- versatility and multifunctionality of use;
- flexible structure allows for use in the finishing industry.
Areas of use:
- strengthening external or internal walls against cracking when plastering walls;
- serves as a basis for the construction of greenhouses and greenhouses, which can be easily assembled and re-installed;
- reinforcing material for pouring concrete and road surfaces;
- construction of cages for domestic animals such as rabbits, chickens, ducks, nutria, quail.

20-year warranty
20-year warranty
Own production
Own production
Fast shipping
Fast shipping
Certified quality
Certified quality
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