Buy mesh netting met. + PP 35x35mm 2.0mm 1.20m / 10.00m from Sitka Zahid

Low carbon steel coated PP(100% RECYCLING) 35х35mm 1,2/2,00mm 1,20m/10,00m
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1054.62 uah
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Product characteristics:
  • Product code: 000033082
  • Діаmетр сердечника ПВХ: 1,2
  • Grid: 35х35mm
  • Material type: Low carbon steel coated PP(100% RECYCLING)
  • Wire diameter: 2,00mm
  • Product length: 10,00m
  • Product height: 1,20m

PP netting is a woven metal product covered with a plastic shell, the most budget and optimal choice for the fence, which has a long service life while maintaining the aesthetic appearance and protective characteristics. The popularity of netting owes its wide range of uses, excellent technical characteristics and affordable price.

Usually PP netting is bought for erecting fences and building cages in the livestock sector. Therefore, referring to demand, we as manufacturers represent a wide range of products with different characteristics at the lowest prices on the market. By interweaving two adjacent rods, we make a quality chain-link fence with a long shelf life, resistant to external negative factors. After all, we cover the metal with a plastic coating, which implements the main goals of sustainable development. Processing into useful products of biodegradable material for a reliable coating of chain-link - this is, in addition to all the other positive characteristics of the network and involvement in environmental protection.

Therefore, if you need a cheap fence for the house, cottage or backyard - choose a mesh chain link fence with plastic coating.


  • high amortization possibilities even at strong mechanical loading;
  • will last a long time, because it has a 10-year warranty;
  • the coating gives resistance to corrosion, which will not occur due to precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes, high humidity;
  • dense coating, so it is guaranteed not to crack over time;
  • coating made of secondary raw materials, so buying green mesh in PP coating, you will join in preserving the environment and save the world from pollution by plastic waste;
  • light transmission, because it does not interfere with the passage of sunlight;
  • easy to transport due to low weight;
  • safe packaging, so delivery is undamaged;
  • quick installation, which is possible even by hand;
  • cheap price will save budget.


  • fencing of the adjacent territory;
  • fencing of gardens and orchards;
  • construction of a temporary fence;
  • construction of open-air cages and cages for small and medium-sized farm animals;
  • fencing of sports and children's playgrounds.
20-year warranty
20-year warranty
Own production
Own production
Fast shipping
Fast shipping
Certified quality
Certified quality
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