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Designer fence ORNAMENT is a stylish fence of your territory, which successfully not only divides borders, but also complements the architectural design of your house.

It is made of a galvanized metal sheet with through holes of arbitrary shape, with any pattern made by the method of automatic metal laser cutting. This feature is the main advantage of the fence among its counterparts, because the owner can design it independently, limited only by his own imagination. A pattern of any complexity is easily transferred to metal, because powerful and high-precision laser engines controlled by a computer program quickly depict the desired pattern on the metal canvas. Next, there is a degreasing process, processing according to modern Oxsilan technology, which provides anti-corrosion resistance and coating with a high-quality polymer paint of the desired color, which faithfully and for a long time restrains the influence of external, negative climatic factors. The result is a spectacular and reliable fence with remarkable operational and design characteristics that will delight the eyes of owners and passers-by for years and stand out among others with its creative appearance.

A great advantage is the addition of entrance, entrance groups with panels in the same style. Therefore, if you are looking for a new breath in fencing, then ORNAMENT is exactly what you need, because you bought it once, and you enjoy aesthetic security according to your own taste for years.

Any drawing, size, color, catalog is possible at https://bit.ly/3fUuHHM 

20-year warranty
20-year warranty
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Own production
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Fast shipping
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Certified quality
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