"ORNAMENT" with fold

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  • Product code: 000050951
  • Color: BROWN

Designer fence ORNAMENT is a stylish fence of the territory. It is made of a galvanized metal sheet with through holes of arbitrary shape, with any pattern made by the method of automatic metal laser cutting. The ornament is easily transferred to the metal, because powerful and high-precision laser engines controlled by a computer program quickly transfer the desired pattern to the metal canvas.

ORNAMENT WITH BEND - consists of a sheet with the desired pattern with bent edges without a frame. In the process of installation, the pillars are fastened tightly to the panel with bolts to ensure reliable fixation.

Any drawing, size, color, catalog is possible at https://bit.ly/3fUuHHM 

20-year warranty
20-year warranty
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Own production
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Fast shipping
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Certified quality
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