Landscape design - decor and stylization of fencing

Landscaping is an integral part of creating an attractive and functional space around the house. Sectional fencing made of green metal rods has become a popular choice for enclosing areas and creating an aesthetically pleasing property boundary. And adding decorative elements can significantly increase the visual appeal of your space.

Are you looking for a change? Do you want to decorate your yard with fresh solutions? Fence styling will help you bring your idea to life. Here are some interesting examples of how and what to style your sectional fence with your own hands.

Top 5 ideas for additional decoration of a 3D fence:

1. Decorative trees and shrubs

Create a small vertical garden by placing pots with your favourite plants near the fence or plant evergreens such as thuja, spruce or pine. Choose plants according to the light conditions and climate of your region. Flowering plants, conifers or ornamental foliage add vitality and colour to your fence. Another bonus is that the plants will keep neighbours and passers-by from seeing what's going on in the yard.

2. Fence tape

With the help of a special tape, you can make the area more closed to prying eyes. This will not only provide additional privacy, but also give your fence a sophisticated look. By combining different colours of fencing tape, you can create a fence with the desired patterns.

3. Shading mesh

If you use a fabric mesh, you will get a good solution for privacy with the desired degree of shading to match the colour of the installed fence.

4. Complementing with climbing plants

If you like to take care of flower beds, your hobby is gardening, you can use the fence as a support for grapes, roses or other climbing plants. The growth of plants along the fence will add a romantic charm to your site.

5. Light accents

Add lighting to your fence posts by installing lamps along the fence or ice tape. This will not only illuminate your plot at night, but also add charm and atmosphere to the surrounding space.

With these ideas, you can turn an ordinary fence into an elegant and aesthetically pleasing one. Let the desired fence become the embodiment of your style and personality, decorating your space with the desired decor, adding a sense of joy from being in your own yard, garden or cottage. More photo examples are available on the product page .

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