Secrets of painting fences

Have you ever painted? A bench near the house, windows, doors, a concrete staircase, railings, a fence in a cemetery, wooden, metal decor elements or other items? At least once in a lifetime, every person has had a chance to give a fresh breath and a second life to obsolete objects by painting them. Using paint, regardless of the type and manufacturer, you definitely encountered the formation of clots due to streaks, the so-called orange peel, due to uneven coverage and air formation. Regardless of whether it is an emulsion paint, acrylic, organic solvent, silicate, based on liquid glass, you need to master the intricacies of its application for a smooth and dense coating.

The same goes for fences. We, as the best manufacturer on the Ukrainian market, have a unique technology for applying paint to a metal base. They do this not by hand, but use modern automated equipment that creates an ideal top layer of material for a long service life, without external modifications. In addition, we attract the best dyers, so that the work is carried out by purely specialists in their field.

Consider the subtleties of the staining process:

1. The metal wire is coated with hot zinc, which contributes to the anti-corrosion of the material used, which does not occur due to aggressive environmental factors such as temperature changes, precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, high humidity.
2. Surface preparation for painting consists of environmentally friendly metalworking using the German Oxsilan technology, which ensures the connection of the layers at the chemical level. The agent contributes to a better, corrosion-resistant and denser coating for a longer period, without external changes.
3. The drying stage is extremely important so that the paint does not subsequently crack and air bubbles do not form, which in this case will lead to a rapid deformation of the top layer.
4. Painting in a dead-end oven with a polymer coating layer for a smooth texture. In addition, the production was improved so much that they began to use additional sputtering of the metal surface with titanium compounds, which makes the fence even more resistant to corrosion, more reliable, durable in use, resistant to deformation, shiny and aesthetically beautiful.
5. Polymerization in an oven with high-quality imported paint of Western European production in RAL color from a reliable supplier with an international name.

As you can see, the secret of painting lies in the choice of quality equipment, quality paint, the use of numerical production steps and people who will competently do their job. All of the above items you will find in a modern polymer-coated fence from the number one company on the Ukrainian market Grid West, so the advice on choosing is obvious.

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