How to make a dog cage out of mesh with your own hands

A dog is a four-legged friend to its owner, so the owner is responsible for ensuring its full and comfortable life. If the size does not allow you to be in the house, then in addition to attention and decent food you need to provide her own corner. The area should have a framework and the necessary amenities to be able to hide from bad weather. For this purpose, you just need to build a dog cage.

Not saving space for construction is an important requirement for the construction of a house for a pet. It is best to build an aviary in an area with plenty of light, isolated from drafts. It should also be taken into account that the location of the enclosure does not accumulate water during precipitation or snow, which can lead to flooding of the pet's home.

If we talk about the equipment, it should ideally contain a frame of the foundation to insulate the home, walls, to prevent the escape of a pet, a roof for a canopy from the sun, snow or rain, a booth for a place from the wind. For the organization of easy cleaning and feeding it is necessary to include in a design and a gate. It is believed that the door should open inwards, otherwise the dog can easily knock it out. The walls in the dog house should not be deaf, because dogs want to watch what is happening around, so most often for this purpose, use a wire material that resembles a lattice.

In which cases is an aviary necessary?

Consider in detail the reasons for the construction of cages for dogs or puppies:
1. Not enough space in the house for a large breed such as: shepherd, alabai, Doberman, Husky, Husky or half-breed large.
2. Temporary isolation to prevent free walking, in case guests come to the territory.
3. If your favorite pet performs the function of a caretaker in combination, it will help protect him from adverse weather.

What metal mesh to use to build an aviary?

Install a version of the netting, or corrugated, but the best for the construction of walls of metal wire material suitable sections Duos , which have double horizontal bars. The grid with such arrangement of wires, provides extraordinary durability and stability, has high parameters of protection.
The advantages of choosing a grid with double rods include:
1. Strength, because even with a strong mechanical impact of the dog, the fence can withstand pressure and does not deform.
2. Aesthetic appearance that will complement the design of the territory.
3. Safety, the pet is not injured on the wire, because all connections are made of high quality and safe.
4. Fencing in the complex, because in addition to the section we offer poles, fasteners and gates in the same style and color.
5. The coating provides resistance to corrosion, high temperatures and moisture.
6. Long-term in use, because it has a warranty period of 20 years, as evidenced by the European certificate.

Many stores offer a large selection of dog enclosures for the street, but you can build a great house for your pet and do it yourself. The installation process can not be called complicated, so the owner will cope with minimal skills in construction without a diagram with a photo.

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