Areas of application of CPVS grid

CPVS is an all-metal product made of stainless steel sheet, the cells of which are arranged in a checkerboard pattern in the shape of a diamond. It belongs to the youngest type of steel mesh, is made of cold-rolled galvanized or non-galvanized metal, and can be covered with powder paint of different colors.

In production the average method and a way of an extract which create an excellent ratio of durability and small weight of finished goods can be used. The main advantage - is made on the machine not from a wire, and from an integral sheet of the set thickness. This is done by cutting holes of specified sizes and simultaneous stretching.

If to compare other types of grids with prosechno-exhaust, the main plus is durability, after all at manufacturing the welding way or weaving is not used. This contributes to a neat aesthetic appearance and durability for many years, because the sheet can withstand a weight of more than two tons, and it can only be damaged with a special tool.

The grid has many advantages, so the use varies from plastering to decorating. Consider in more detail the main parameters:

  • durability, will cope even with constant mechanical loadings;
  • integrity, even damage to one cell will not provoke damage to others;
  • flexible structure that is important if to reinforce surfaces;
  • low weight, so easy and convenient to transport or mount;
  • transparency, so it transmits light, sound, air, liquids, sunlight;
  • low cost, because it is produced without loss of material;
  • property of resistance to corrosion and temperature differences if to pre-galvanize a grid.

Due to its advantages, the grid is used in construction works of various levels of complexity. The most common areas:

  • plaster material to prevent cracks;
  • floor, tile and ceiling reinforcement;
  • decorating interior elements, furniture;
  • building material for stairs;
  • sifting of dry mixes;
  • reinforced material of any surface: starting from a tree, finishing with concrete blocks;
  • in thermal insulation works at finishing of a facade, installation of heating mains;
  • for ventilation grilles, batteries, elevators;
  • fencing and protection of sites;
  • car tuning;
  • as an element of filters in mechanical engineering;
  • cages for animals and birds;
  • production of airplanes, containers, urns;
  • construction of ramps.

Summing up, we can say that CPSV is a metal universal hardware, which has a wide range of applications in construction, mechanical engineering, an indispensable element in heating equipment and design.

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