What is a picket fence and euro fence for a fence?

We present a novelty from the manufacturer Grid West - picket fence. From now on, in addition to the usual sectional fencing, a fence made of gabions and chain-link, we offer an alternative option - a fence made of euro shtaketnik. Why such a name? Because it gained massive popularity in European countries, it fenced off most of the private houses of residents of Western Europe. The trend is slowly entering the Ukrainian market and the choice is obvious. Why? We will consider in detail in this article.

euro fence

A picket fence is a fence made of special narrow metal strips that are mounted with or without a certain gap. It can be installed both horizontally and vertically. There is a fence both one-sided and two-sided, that is, it can be mounted either in one row, or in a checkerboard pattern, and thereby ensure the impenetrability of the personal territory. If we talk about installation, it is simply attached to a special frame made of pillars and horizontal bearing elements, just fixing it with bolts to the frame. The variety of types and colors allows you to successfully fit the fence into the most sophisticated landscape.

Our company offers a high-quality metal picket fence, which has no drawbacks, but has the following advantages:

  • strong and reliable, so it will withstand even a hurricane wind, or violent neighbors;
  • easy to care for, does not require additional painting, the texture of the coating is so practical that dirt is not visible, in the care it is quite simple to simply wipe the fence from dust sometimes;
  • long-term use without the need for repair;
  • anti-corrosion resistance, because the metal for the picket fence is galvanized, additionally covered with polyester paint and is not afraid of UV radiation, precipitation, high humidity, temperature changes;
  • it will reliably serve for more than 20 years, because we provide a guarantee for the product because all metal is certified and complies with DSTU;
  • modern appearance of European style for a trendy design of the site in step with the times, and as a bonus it gives a feeling of freedom;
  • a variety of design design, because you can choose any color from the RAL palette, which is better suited to the color style of the facade, the type of material for the coating - matte or glossy, the shape of the end of the picket fence and the level of visibility of the site;
  • easy installation, which a person without experience can handle with his own hands;
  • cheapness on delivery, because the goods are compactly packed, in contrast to the corrugated board.

Choose a modern fence - choose a picket fence. For consultation, acquaintance with a large number of photos, ordering - leave a request https://sitkazahid.com/en/landing/shtahetnik , and we will be happy to help you aesthetically protect the territory at the best price.

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