2D differences from 3D fences

Today, fences made of individual welded panels made of thin metal rods are becoming increasingly popular. They are made in three versions. In this article we will inform you in more detail about the most common options for a metal fence.

Sectional fencing is an extraordinary protection of territories from intruders in addition to aesthetic decoration of the territory. The section is best suited for private homes and cottages, businesses, public places such as parks, gas stations and parking lots. With the right choice of fence typology and quality installation - it can serve you for many years.

There is no doubt about the useful properties and functions of the sectional fence. But another question arises: what type of section to choose? What is the difference between 2d grid and 3d? The fence, which has horizontal and vertical welded bars and stiffeners on one side - is a welded 3D fence with the main feature - a V-shaped bend. It is produced both in the budget version and with standard parameters. The thickness of the rods is possible from 3 to 5 mm. This is a universal fence, which is most suitable for the agricultural sector, fencing of power plants, schools, kindergartens and homesteads.

The second option is the Pro section, or 2d fence https://sitkazahid.com/en/catalog/duos-panels/c294 , which has two horizontal bars welded together, which provide exceptional strength and resistance to vandals. Sectional 2d fence is made in one plane, without reefs of rigidity, bends and is best suited for the private sector, sports grounds and industrial facilities, as it has high protection parameters. Such fences are also called triplex, due to the construction of a section of three bars.

Depending on the needs of the buyer, both the format of 3d grid and 2d grid can be offered, which, as you can see in the photo, differ not only in appearance, but also in their design. It is possible to order a fence of green, anthracite, brown color or without a covering galvanized in natural gray color. If you need large volumes for a large area or for your own store - you can make an individual order and buy a fence of any desired color.

We can distinguish the following differences between 2D and 3D fences:

  • shock resistance, thanks to double or single bars;
  • the difference in weight, because the 2d section is heavier;
  • protection against climbing: it is more difficult to climb through a flat section, this is its main advantage;
  • the difference in the external decoration: with a reef and without, so they are visually easy to distinguish;
  • price: 3d fence is cheaper than 2d.

Summing up the question of choosing the best fence 2d or 3d - there is no clear answer. It all depends on the model, the functional responsibilities of the fence and the area in which it will be installed. When choosing a sectional fence made of gitter, you need to trust the professionals, as they know exactly which fence is best to use for specific needs, well acquainted with its functionality, cost and feasibility.

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