How to quickly and beautifully paint a picket fence

The picket fence is a trend in recent years in the field of site fencing. This is a fence made of vertical or horizontal boards, or, as they are called, shtaketin. If earlier wooden material was in demand, now a different type of fence has come to replace the tree, it is made of galvanized metal, covered with a polymer coating from a material that does not harm the environment. The alloy of raw materials and subsequent layers is so high quality that it makes it possible to give a guarantee for the product for 20 years without changing the appearance.

Therefore, in most cases, picket fences that have recently been installed do not need additional processing, because bona fide manufacturers use galvanized metal, coatings with a polymer coating that does not lend itself to external aggressive factors, such as ultraviolet radiation, various precipitation, frost, high temperature, high humidity ... Such products can be purchased in warehouse stores of one of 19 Grid West branches, or by placing an order online on the website.

But what if you bought a low-quality, cheap picket fence from an unknown manufacturer? Has the paint peeled off quickly, has the fence rusted or faded and is no longer the same as in the photo from the Internet? You need to either buy a new one or renew the finish of the old fence. Therefore, we will consider the stages of painting a fence made of euro shtaketnik.

1. Clean the metal base from old paint, rust with sandpaper or a spatula, dust, dirt with water and detergent to perfect cleanliness for further coating with paint.

2. Apply a primer to prevent corrosion and help the metal to adhere better to the paint.

3. Paint the fence, depending on the type of metal, with a spray gun, less often with a brush or roller. For example, for ferrous metals, acrylic paint with high resistance to external negative factors is suitable, for non-ferrous metals and galvanized material - one-component enamel made from organic solvents, for any surfaces not cleaned from rust - enamel with anti-corrosion primer. You need to apply the paint in three layers, after each is completely dry, respectively, in overalls for the body and hands.

How to quickly and beautifully paint a picket fence

As you can see, painting a picket fence is easy if you use good paint and tools. But the best idea would be to immediately buy a quality product that does not need dyeing , while saving money, effort and time.

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