How to stretch a net netting on a fence

Installation of a metal fence from a chain-link grid - process is simple, the owner of the territory without experience in installation will be able to cope even. But for a chain-link fence to perform its main function - long-term protection of the territory from unwanted visitors, due to the damping properties and braided structure of the wire, you need to have information on the step-by-step steps.

The installation method takes several steps:

1. Dismantling of the old fence.

2. Soil preparation, land leveling.

3. Marking of a site by means of a cable and pegs under future columns.

4. Concreting of columns with a mixture of concrete, sand and gravel.

5. Unwinding the roll.

6. Tension.

7. Fixation to the pillars.

As you can see, the process of mounting this version of the fence is simple, but there may be questions at the stage of attachment. After all, this stage requires the most uniform unwinding, stretching the canvas and fixing to the column. Only the simultaneity of processes will protect the structure from sagging.

Fastening is done by means of stainless steel or green color of fastening made of a material which is identical to color of basic columns and a grid supporting general style. Using a tensioner to the edge of the corner pull a maximum of 3 wires of larger diameter at the level of holes in the column. At a height of a grid to 1500 millimeters it is possible to manage only the top broach if the size is higher - it is expedient to use also the bottom if the length of a fence is more than 2 meters - it is desirable to stretch also a wire in the middle. It is necessary to extend through cells on distance to the following metal column, pulling and strengthening with a support.

The cap holder performs the function of a hook and helps to fix the wire and provide cushioning capabilities, because without it the fence will be unusable - the net is stretched under mechanical impact and will not restore its shape and aesthetic appearance. Using the above accessories, you will not need to use additional fittings, pipes and rack for fixing and suffer with their installation with welding.

Installation of a construction grid of a chain-link fence as a fence - the simple, economical in time and means decision of improvement of a site from undesirable penetration as the main work consists of fastening of a grid to a support. As the chain-link grid is one of the simplest in fastening - it is used by many owners of private territories, houses, kitchen gardens, summer residences. On the site of the chain-link catalog you can read more detailed installation instructions created by our experts to make the installation method better, easier, cheaper and more reliable.

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