Preparation of a land plot for the installation of a fence

An irreplaceable element of every private territory - a fence - will help to make the appearance of the site original and noble. Have you bought a new plot and want to enclose its borders? Or do you want to update an old rusty fence and order a fence  that is in line with modern trends? Then proceed, but before that, be sure to familiarize yourself with the basics of installing a fence, because for a beautiful aesthetic look, you need to correctly install the foundation, and it does not matter simple or tape, so you must first prepare for this process. How? Having carefully studied the instructions of the mounting professionals

Preparation of a land plot for the installation of a fence

Before starting the process, it is important to pay attention to the relief and type of soil, the seasonality of the installation. The place for the future construction should be cleared of various types of debris and leveled. The construction itself begins with the marking of the territory, the starting point of which will be the entrance structures, that is, the gate and the wicket. Next, you need to designate the places for the installation of pillars at a distance of 2.5-3 meters, to which the enclosing structure will subsequently be attached. An important point: you need to strictly adhere to the specified distance, do not exceed it, because otherwise the fence will quickly sag. The best materials for marking are wooden pegs, a ruler or tape measure and a cord. Everything is simple here - stakes are installed in the corners of the site, and a cord is pulled between them. The rest of the points are marked along the cord at an equal distance from each other.

A brief description of the processes of preparing a site for installation of a fence:

  • cleaning the territory from foreign objects, roots and branches of trees, debris, stone, fallen leaves;
  • marking the location of the installation of pillars;
  • determination of the angle of rotation of the fence;
  • pulling the thread between the posts to determine the base of the future fence;
  • geodetic work with the determination of the level of the relief in height, leveling with a slope;
  • drilling holes for pillars or pipes into the ground 200 millimeters below the depth of seasonal freezing of the terrain. It is also worth remembering that the higher the fence, the lower you need to drill. The length of the hole for the support should be small, with a diameter of only 30 cm;
  • concrete works: monolithic concreting of pillars with mortar from concrete, crushed stone and sand and direct installation of the fence.

Adhering to a simple method of preparing the site for the installation of the fence, each client ultimately receives a metal sectional fence, from a corrugated sheet, metal profile, picket fence or any other option that will be resistant, meet guarantees, serve for a long time and delight the eyes with its appearance and style.

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