Rating of fences for summer cottages

Can you imagine a house, a summer cottage or any other type of household without a fence? Of course not! After all, the fence performs many functions, including the protection of the territory from strangers, the protection of property from theft by intruders, the delimitation of its own area from neighbors, a beautiful addition to the exterior view of the courtyard.

But which one is best suited for a summer cottage? For those wishing to protect the territory of a summer cottage, vegetable garden, country house or garden, a list of the top 5 fences for a summer residence will be useful. It was the components of this list that were most in demand by consumers in the production year.

Fencing made of corrugated board

Profiled sheet is an inexpensive, reliable and easy way to protect yourself. Ideal value for money, long-term service life, impermeability to prying eyes, easy and quick installation make it very popular in the market. Summer residents choose because it costs a budget and it is not visible what is located and growing on the site, which minimizes theft. In addition, it is difficult for outsiders to climb over the corrugated board and it is easy for owners to wash it.

Mesh netting

The netting netting https://sitkazahid.com/en/catalog/chain-link-mesh/c279/ is the most common, cheap and transparent method to protect an area with beds, flower beds, fruit and ornamental bushes. Letting in sunlight, without forming a shadow on the garden, fruit bushes and trees, the mesh is chosen by those for whom gardening and horticulture is a hobby, a favorite leisure activity, because they are worried about the maximum exposure to sunlight. At the same time, it protects the crop from animals, makes it clear that this is private property, it can be bought cheaper than a pair of new shoes, and it will serve an order of magnitude longer.

Sectional fencing

A fence made of metal wire welded in a section is a minimalistic, beautiful and durable fence that ideally complements the site, because it is made in the most natural shades, which will ideally fit into the overall landscape of a summer cottage or garden. The sun letting through, the absence of the need for care, the impossibility of dismantling by outsiders and climbing the structure make it possible for the fence to be included in this list. A 20-year guarantee for high-quality coating, durability and many color ideas - all this can be purchased by purchasing a sectional fence.


The fence made of euroshtaketnik is a new breath in the field of fencing summer cottages. A beautiful, modern and durable fence was previously used exclusively for fencing private houses, cottages, townhouses. Now the simplicity is growing among summer residents who want not just for show, but also to stylishly limit their site. It bribes in that it has wind and sun letting through opportunities and fully justifies the price value, because the material is of high quality and will serve for decades.


Gabion fencing structures are creative, fresh and practical. Anti-corrosion design is available in any shape, allowing you to experiment with border design options. Different heights, widths, depths, structure of construction are possible, which allows to show not only the ability to grow a vegetable garden, berries and fruits, but also imagination in decorating the territory, moreover, not only by choosing a design, but also in choosing a filling.

You can buy good fences for a summer residence of the best quality in the catalog of an online store with prices, characteristics and photos, or at one of the representative offices of the Grid West company.

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