What types of gates are there?

Without what elements it is impossible to build a full-fledged fence for a house or summer cottage? No entry group. If the owners of the plot have a car, then it is necessary to buy swing or sliding gates, depending on the size of the yard for convenient parking. But if there is no car, then you can do without a gate. And without what not? Without a wicket. After all, you need to secure the property on the territory, so close the entrance with a lock or latch.
But which gate to choose? We, as a leading company in the production of metal fences, offer, not forged, not a wooden product, but, accordingly, a large selection of metal gates in polymer coating. Our production manufactures goods for the protection of private areas with a guarantee for 20 years, preventing the possibility of climbing and deformation of the product with anti-corrosion resistance to external weather conditions and precipitation, with quick installation, which is possible by hand. Below we present ideas for gates produced by Grid West.


The product is made of double strands of metal material, firmly welded on modern equipment without damaging the galvanized coating, which is painted with high quality Western European paint with a lock and a handle. This is the best option for the price and protective functions for a private or country house, fits perfectly into the appearance of the site, beautifully combines with hedges, ornamental trees and other vegetation.


The structure is made of welded wire of a wide diameter, also welded to each other, but with a narrower frame profile, with a built-in latch instead of a lock, which allows you to make the cost more affordable. That is why they buy this type for summer cottages, not so much for protecting the crop, as for zoning the territory, setting the boundaries between their own land and neighboring ones.


A durable and reliable version of shaped pipes, which is used even for industrial needs, therefore, for personal use, it will satisfy and meet the expectations of the purchase as much as possible. If you imagined what a good gate should look like, then that is exactly how it should be. You will receive not just doors in the fence, but protection and a stylish addition to the architectural design of the site, as you can see in the photo.

The difference between the types of faces, because they differ in parameters, thickness, appearance, equipment, cost. In the catalog of the online store https://sitkazahid.com/en/catalog/gates/c298/ , you can get acquainted in detail with the assortment of gates, their technical parameters, features of the components, visualization and price, see more photos, study customer reviews and order the desired product at a price corresponding to the allocated budget.

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