Which is better? Is the fence closed or through?

Choosing a fence is a serious issue that needs to be approached responsibly, because the purchase is not made for a year, two or even a dozen. Therefore, you need to choose the one that will suit all preferences, such as the main material, type, appearance, color scheme, combination with the exterior of the house and landscaping and, of course, compliance with the budget. This is a significant investment from the family budget, so a careful study of possible options is needed to ensure that the quality, together with the exit group to travel to the site, such as gates and gates in the same style and shape, once a year, not for an exorbitant amount.

By 2021, there is an unrealistically large number of fences that are in demand among Ukrainians. These include different types of fences, both closed and through type of different materials. Let's take a closer look at the most popular options. Fence:

  • wooden;
  • metal sectional from a welded grid;
  • brick;
  • from a professional flooring;
  • from a metal braided grid of a chain-link fence;
  • fence;
  • from mesh gabions filled with stone or decorative glass;
  • stone;
  • from a profile pipe;
  • from metal lamellas.

Which fence is better to choose - the choice of the client. Each species has its pros and cons. Experts of Sitka Zapad, as one of the top manufacturers in the Ukrainian market, consider it appropriate to help a potential buyer with a choice, so provide not only information about the availability of goods and supplies, but also as much information about the product and its use to facilitate the words and accelerated the final decision.

Today we will study in more detail the type of transparency. A closed fence implies the opacity of personal territory, and open is a structure that does not interfere with the penetration of sunlight, light, natural light and air exchange. Closed fences include gabions, corrugated board, bricks, sectional mesh filled with tape, double-sided fence, and open fences include fences made of metal mesh, wire, profile, slats, fences.

Which is still better to choose: through or closed? It depends on the location of the area. A fence will be suitable for the house, which will protect the private territory from prying eyes, and for giving - it is better to stop your choice on an open fence to promote the growth of vegetation, flowers in flower beds, ornamental shrubs and vegetables.

the fence closed or through

Top 4 reasons to prefer a closed fence:
1. Preservation of personal space in a feeling of complete comfort, because what is done on the site is not visible to those who pass and pass, so you can feel safe and cozy in the yard.
2. Protection of the site from gusts of wind, dust and dirt.
3. Protects from interested views, protects from the temptation to seize property and enter illegally.
4. Partial noise insulation from the outside world.

We got acquainted with the range of fences most in demand among Ukrainians. More details on the parameters, features and prices of goods of different variations for decision-making can be found in the catalog at the link.

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